Within the Home: 

We want to make the transition of moving as simple as possible. Both for the customer and our loading team. So, within the home if we are packing in advance or we are packing the day of, we want to make the positioning of all the items within the home as accessible for our moving crew as possible. For moves that we get to pack the day before hand ask the customer for an area that you can stage everything you pack, simplifying the move for your teammates. If we are doing a pack and move same day ask your leader for the day a good area for you to place items so it makes things easier not harder for your teammates.  

Within the Truck:

When we load in the truck we first go off what your supervisor wants. There are some instances where the leader is doing this loading for specific reasons. If the supervisor says for you to load the what we are looking for is solid bases being placed first into the truck then we load as many boxes on top. When we load this is called loading in Tiers. We do this to help keep the truck from minimal shifting. This also helps eliminate those unwanted spaces within the truck. We continue the Tier process until we get to the final miscellaneous items like bikes and pottery items. Throughout the Tier process you should be placing safety straps to help secure the items within the truck. If we get too full and start running out of room don't forget use that stack of blankets as fillers and it will clear up some extra space for you and your teammates. Remember lift proper and be aware of your surroundings.