The first thing that we want to do for packing is to make sure that we have a clear designated area for yourself. We want to make sure that we have all supplies needed to complete sealing a box and properly marking it for designated room. This means get a couple of boxes, a tape dispenser, and a sharpie that way your not having to run back and forth looking for everything you need. When you start packing we want to pack the box as full as can be but not to the point where you're forcing things into the box. The customer's items are the most important things to us so you will respect their property and avoid damaging it. When we pack kitchens we will use all techniques that are covered in training. This will be properly papering and wrapping every single glass item and any item that has the potential to puncture or tear a box. The best rule is if it goes into a box and we have the paper to spare wrap it. It is a lot easier to explain why you wrapped it compared to why you broke it.