Personal Protective Equipment


Must be Mainly Black or Brown and cover your entire ankle. No lows tops allowed you will only hurt yourself and others. Steel or Safety toes are required and must be worn throughout the entire day.

Back Support

We have Back support and straps  in every truck and more on hand. It is heavily recommended you wear back straps for support. Please use them. Don't try to push yourself too far and injure yourself. Safety over Speed. If you wish to purchase your own back strap, our PPE Incentive program can cover a major part of the cost. We only require that you use it as much as you can to avoid injury. 


Gloves are not part of the required uniform but you can wear them if you choose so. They must be Black or Brown and be regular gloves. We don't need mover's with carbon fiber knuckled gloves. The one Job we do wear gloves is for Junk removals, we don't need to be handling some of the things thrown away with our bare hands so please wear gloves. Trucks will have disposable gloves on tool boxes to protect your hands from dirt and materials. 


Respirators and Dust Mask will be provided for certain occasions. If you would like to wear a mask for allergy purposes they are located in all Exceptional vehicles on hand tool kit.