Same Day Pickup & Delivery

Did you buy something on Craigslist? Maybe Facebook? Wouldn't it be amazing to get help getting something picked up and into your home the same day?  Or pick something up from storage without waiting for your friends and family to become available or having to rent a truck?

Photo by Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media / Getty Images

Allow us to be your go to team for simple pickup and drop offs. No more looking to rent a truck to just get something home. We can help with general pickup and drop off anywhere in Santa Fe or surrounding areas. It only takes three steps:

1. Call and Reserve a Time; Specify the items, location, and contact info.
2. If its a retail store: you will have to be present to have items released to you. 
3. Meet us at the drop-off location, receive items, and process payment.

Consider this service for the following:

  • Craigslist Purchases

  • Appliance or Furniture Purchases

  • Mattress/Bedding

  • Building Materials

  • Items Stored in Storage

  • Exercise Equipment

  • Yard and Storage Items

  • Tools and Large Equipment

  • All Oversized Less Than 24' in Size

If you are a retailer, contact Daniel for Specialized Pricing.

What we cannot Pickup & Deliver: Hazardous Materials which can include but not limited to Explosives, Corrosive Materials, Any Compressed Gas, Flammable Liquids, Toxic Materials (Poisonous), Weapons,

White Glove Delivery & Last Mile Service

If you are a retailer, furniture company, or just a shipper, our teams can complete the most crucial step: the in-home delivery. We have the experience and the training to get your product exactly where the customer will love. Having our team professionally unpack and place your product will ensure there is no damage and will potentially reduce the amount of returns. Schedule online or email us to provide an exceptional service that will make your customer's happy and reduce inefficiencies for you. 

You Can Expect:

  • No-Cost Hand Transfer to Our Team

  • Receipt with Visual Proof of Packaging

  • Secure Holding for Delivery

  • Direct Scheduling With Consignee

  • Front step delivery, room of choice delivery with Visual P.O.D. Confirmation

What we cannot handle:  Hazardous Materials, Pianos, Pool Table Assembly, & Live Cargo.