What Are Exceptional Totes?

The totes you we have available for rent are like boxes typically, 19" x 14" wide and 12" tall. There are some bigger ones, but those are special.  Why Totes? Save Time, Money, and Waste! These are premium quality plastic totes used instead of boxes when we pack for local moves, nobody else offers this in our state. You should too, if you are packing yourself you can rent the quantity you wish.  We are so confident in our totes, just read below and learn why they are much better than cardboard.

Exceptional Moving Totes

1) 700lbs Crush Resistance: Industrial quality means It handles an incredible amount more than boxes, protecting belongings better and reducing the total cost of your move. 
2) Clean: They do not crumble and get damaged like boxes and therefore we sanitize after a move and reuse. 
3) Your Belongings Will Be Better Protected: Extreme strength on all sides will keep your belongings safe, because too often we've witnessed boxes hit sharp corners and damage the items inside or destroy the box.
4) Save Your Tape Money: The design is secure, no need for rolls of tape! All you do is secure with the provided zip ties and the totes will remain sealed. Isn't it time that you stopped looking for the end of the tape?
5) Stackable: The best part about our totes is how perfect they can stack, saving moving time to stack them by weight and size.
6) Lockable: Wouldn't it be nice to safely lock the special things we wish to transport. Our totes have a slot for a conventional lock, ensuring that it wont open like a box if you get really paranoid.
7) Better Liquid Protection: In the perfect universe, this wouldn't be an issue, but accidents happen and things can go wrong. A box touches water and its contents will feel it or even smell like it. Eeww, our totes will protect your things significantly better even if it starts raining mid-move. 

Conventional Moving Boxes

1) 250 lbs Crush Resistance: Corrugated boxes are the boxes sold for your plates and glasses. The majority of boxes used today are only capable of resisting 50 lbs before they smash. That's a box or two on top. 
2) Sometimes Reusable: A lot of people get boxes from their closest retail store or even grocery store that offers boxes. Boxes can look the same but some break apart easily, and are sold cheaper as a result. If you got free boxes to reuse, a lot of times reused boxes lose their integrity after being used even once! Even when it says it can be used for multiple moves, not all boxes are the same. Read the rating, they all have it. 
3) Specialty Boxes: Today you can spend a lot to get a box for everything in your home. A box for books. box for curtain rods, box for rugs etc. Sometimes wasted boxes are a result of inefficient packing or planning. We do believe there are items that are better protected with specialty boxes but your bathroom towels don't need a special box.
4) Availability: Everyone has boxes, every mover, storage, and store will have them. But just take a visit to our local landfill to see how much cardboard waste we produce as a community. Don't be so wasteful, just rent our totes. 

How Does It Work?

We love simplicity, the following are the three steps.

  1. Specify the quantity on the "Service Description" in the scheduling page or the form below
    You can select 15, 30, 50, 70 depending on the size of your home and the amount of small articles you wish to pack. The cost is only $2.50 per tote.
    Good ideas: Kitchen, Bedroom, FIle Cabinets, Office, Garage and Bathroom articles. Essentially 90% of what you need to pack.
    Not Really Good Ideas: Comforters, PIllows, Pets, Plants.

  2. Select a date for delivery
    We recommend at least 7 days in advance, you don't realize how much you own until your halfway through packing.
    We supply color coded Zip ties for you, you can use masking tape if you like that more. It helps to label for your unpacking. If you use them the day of the move, you have 2 days to clear them out.
    If you live within Santa Fe city limits, pickup and delivery is free.

  3. Select a date for pickup after moving day.
    It can be as soon as the next day or up to 10 days from the date of your move. Arrange it to your convenience, but if you require more time, let us know there's only a small daily fee for every additional day per tote.

Call Today to include our Exceptional Totes with your service! 
At only $2.50 per tote, you can't afford to not get them!