We Figure You Would Ask...

+ When does my hourly rate start?

The clock starts the moment our team arrives at your home, and it continues until the we finish unloading or assembling your items. Time is measured in 15 minute increments.

+ Do you have an hourly minimum?

Yes we do.

  • Monday through Saturday= 2 Hours.
  • Sundays and Federal Holidays= 3 Hours.

+ Do you have booking fees or deposits?

No Booking Fees. For jobs requiring more than 3 days, a 30% deposit may be required. A credit card is required to schedule all moves.

+ What is your travel charge?

$2.50/mile. If your location is FARTHER than 15 miles from our dispatch, this charge will be applied to get our team FROM/TO your location.

Example: Your home is 24 miles away, and you are moving to Santa Fe. You would pay a $60 travel charge to get our team to your home. If you are moving farther away, then would charge X amount to get our team back from your final location.

+ So, what are your hourly rates?

We strive to make your move as simple as possible for you, our rates are simple and transparent with no surprises

  • $120/hr for 2 Movers
  • $160/hr for 3 Movers
  • $40/hr for each additional Mover or Truck

Our rate includes either 16' or 24' trucks, clean moving blankets, shrink wraps, dollies, and all tools and equipment to get your belongings moved safely and quickly. It does not include taxes, packing supplies, or travel charges.

Unlike other companies that change their rates between weekdays, after hours, during summer, or when you have long walks. We really don't like surprises, and we would never surprise you with hidden fees or exta charges. Our rate is the same, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

+ What if I have less than 10 items?

Our delivery service might be the right thing for you. We offer a flat rate Pickup & Delivery service. This is a pefect deal if you only have a handful of large furniture pieces you want to move but don't want to pay for 2 hours you don't need. This is perfect for things like Gun Safe Delivery, Store Purchases, or if you ordered something online but they can't deliver.

Keep in mind, a bed is usually 3 pieces; mattress, base, and frame. A chest of 10 drawers is only 1 piece. Pick the service that best fits you and call us if you have concerns.

If you are a retail store, broker, or logistics company, please give us a call for White Glove/Last mile delivery.

+ How do I pay for the move?

We accept Cash, Check, or Cards at the end of the service once everything has been unloaded.

+ What if I need to cancel?

Schedule without fear, because you can modify or cancel your move up to 24 hours from your schedule arrival time. If you do call within 24 hours of your move, we will charge the service minimum to the card on file.

+ Are you licensed and insured?

Yes we are. We are authorized by the NM PRC #57172 to perform household good moves between points within New Mexico. Our insurance protects your home, your cargo, our employees, and vehicles in the event of an accident.

+ Will my items be insured?

We are liable for the value of the goods you ask us to transport. There are, however, different levels of liability. The level you choose will determine the type and amount of reimbursement you will receive if an item is lost or damaged. We offer two valuation options. They are minimum carrier liability (also called 'released value') and full-value protection. Please call your our moving specialists with questions regarding these options as anything over the federally required $.60/lb valuation carries an additional premium and deductibles.

Also, there are things that exceed our value limits that we recommend you find specialized transportation or move these yourself. As the shipper you may include the following items in a shipment, however we are not responsible for the condition or safe delivery of:

  1. Coins, Currency, Deeds, Notes, Postage Stamps, Letters, Drafts, or Valuable papers of any kind
  2. Jewelery, precious stones, shells, or precious metals.
  3. Items Of Extraordinary Value, including but not limited to artwork and art pieces.
  4. Items that require temperature control.
  5. Pets, Live Animals or Plants
  6. Perishable Items
  7. Components of Furniture or items made of pressboard, particleboard, or similar pressed material.
  8. Items of high frangibility (can break or become multiple pieces with minimal effort, think of a cracker or biscuits)

We are here to make your life easier, and we will do everything in our power, experience, and ability to ensure that anything you ask us to move will arrive safely.

+ Do you offer flat rate or binding estimates?

We are an hourly rate mover and can provide you an hourly estimate over the phone. Although if you would prefer we can schedule you for a binding or a Not-to-Exceed estimate. Consider these under the following situations:

  • Your current home is larger than 2,500 sq ft
  • You are moving farther than 150 miles
  • You need specialized packing or full packing service
  • If your a Business that needs moving or packing service

The difference between 1. Binding and 2.Not To Exceed Estimates... When we do a binding estimate, we take note of every thing you want us to move. Every piece of furniture, and the number of boxes. We provide you a binding estimate to move and service ONLY those items that were estimated. Our team will show up to your home with a list of items, also know as the inventory, that will be moved. The total hours, men, and trucks don't matter, you pay the flat rate from the estimate. The total is binding so it will not change, but you cannot change your mind and add items or request our team to service more items without additional fees.

A Not-to-exceed estimate is primarily done to give you a estimated total charge for your move based on the inventory we take. Its still done by our hourly rates, but if on the day of the move it takes longer than estimated you are only responsible to pay 110% of your estimate then. The remaining will be invoiced to you and due within 30 days. On the other hand, if you got a head start and did all the small or fragile items yourself, your total might be less. You only have to pay for the amount of time we are there.

+ Do you hire day laborers?

No. We have our own employees, which we drug test, check driving and criminal records, fully train, and sometimes have medical test done before they are allowed to do a move. We really can't do all these things in one morning. We don't allow just anyone into your home.


+ Will you protect my furniture?

Absolutely. We bring along heavy duty blankets and blanket within your home before taking it out, this protects both your walls and your furniture from damage. We also shrink wrap if your items need that extra layer of protection.

+ Will you protect my home?

Yes. If you request it, we will protect your floors, entry ways, doors, and walls. If you'd like our team can use booties when inside your home to avoid any dirty floors.

+ What happens if my stuff doesn't fit in one truck?

It's your move, we will work with your needs. We don't mind doing two trips in one day or requesting a second truck. Otherwise, we can prioritize large and heavy furniture for the first trip and schedule a second trip with the less crucial items for later.

+ Will you help with my plants

Yes, but we recommend you move them ahead of time so they don't get damaged. We cannot guarantee the safe arrival of unpacked pots or live plants. We will take them if you want us to, but we rather be safe.

+ Do I have to dissamble and reassemble my bed?

No! You have been working hard packing away and getting everything ready. Don't stress about taking it apart, our teams have all the common tools necessary to assemble your bed in your new home.

+ Will you move my appliances?

Yes! We don't expect you to take them in your own car. The only things we can't do is disconnect any water, gas, or electric connections. Please have these disconnected before we arrive. A couple things about appliances:

  • Refrigerators and Freezers may leak, always disconnect 2 Hours before moving
  • If you want us to move food, we are not responsible for it going bad. Our trucks get hot in summer and may result in food thawing and maybe getting cooked while in the back. We can't be responsible for overcooked meals.

+ What will you NOT move?

We cannot handle:

  • Grand pianos and baby grand pianos.
  • Pool table and hot tubs.
  • Extremely valuable items, such as jewelry, paintings, chandeliers, paperwork, and fine wines.
  • Ammunition, firearms, and combustible items.
  • Appliances connected to, or items containing, gas/propane.
  • Cars.
  • Live Animals
  • Any item that may damage our trucks, or pose a hazard to our team or cargo while in transit.
  • Extremley fragile items that may not make it safely to destination.

+ Do I tip the movers?

You are more than welcome to. Some people base it on percentages or on hours worked. You also have the option to add a tip to a card transaction just let the team leader know when ringing out.

+ What do I do with my boxes?

Don't worry, give us a call. We will come by and pickup all the boxes or anything you no longer want. If you moved with us, there is a high posibility you get a discount. Don't drown in boxes, call us to help you unpack easily.