We are here to make your move painless; we can be the helping hands or completely move you. Although moving is stressful, letting our professional team help you can make it a smooth and easy process.

We would love to help you in every step of the way, it doesn't matter if you are just planning or you're already halfway done. We know everyone's budget, situation, and belongings vary and we offer the following moving combinations, so you can decide what works best for you.

+ Full Service Pack & Move

This type of service is the best choice for you and your family. Not only does it save you time but also the headache and worry that comes from packing your home and belongings into boxes. We will professionally pack everything in your home, move it, and unload it into the designated room quickly and gently. If you wish, we can help you begin unpacking the biggest boxes or the most crucial items to get you a head start.

+ Standard Move

This is the most common option. If you have everything packed and only need fast and experienced movers to help take your belongings to your new home, you found us. We can help you move everything, mainly big things, or just a couple items from your home. We bring the trucks, protective padding, and all tools and equipment to help you move as quickly and safely as possible.

+ Loading or Unloading Only

When you need the professional help to properly load your rental truck, trailer, POD, or container, we are the team to help. We have the experience and tools to load it properly and protect your belongings. Our team will shrink wrap your furniture to protect it during transit or use blankets rented with your truck.

We offer moving supplies for sale, including straps, bags, paper pads, and blankets that will help protect your belongins from scratches or damage.

+ On-Site Move

If you are moving items or furniture within the same property, apartment complex or building, we would love to help you. This service doesn't necessarily require a truck, but we bring all the tools and pads to move your items safely and quickly.

+ Less Than 10 Items

If you already did all the small stuff, but realized it's goign to be hard to do the remaining large piece, this service is for you. Its a flat rate, $99 for the first piece and $10 each additional item. This means you can move your appliances, couches, beds, and outdoor items for less.

Keep in mind that a chest of 8 drawers is considered 1 piece if still put together. A bed on the other hand is 3 pieces, Mattress, Boxspring, and Frame.

This service is NOT recommended if you need the following:

  1. Dissassembly & Assembly (Large desks, bunker beds, etc)
  2. Packing help
  3. More than 1 stop

If unsure, give us a call. We will be gald to help.

What You Can Expect From Your Move

We love helping our neighbors move. When our customers choose Exceptional Moving for their move, they know they are taken care of by a professional team that will avoid issues or damages before they occur. By padding all furniture, protecting your home, and treating items with the care and attention they deserve, our team can make your experience as stress-free as possible.   

On the day of your move, 

  1. Our team will call you when in route to your home, you will have an hour arrival window.

  2. As soon as they arrive, they will do a walkthrough of your home, to be aware of everything that's getting moved and anything that requires extra care.

  3. We get started by protecting your furniture and loading up the truck strategically and quickly.

  4. When we are all done, we do a walkthrough to make sure everything is loaded and get it to your new place.

  5. At your new home, we do a walkthrough with you to know how you want your furniture in each room. (This avoids us placing boxes where furniture will eventually go)

  6. When all is unloaded and assembled, we will process payment and have you verify the truck is empty of all your belongings.