Hourly Assistance for Home & Business

If you are in the process of moving in, purchasing new equipment, or simply looking for somebody to help you move things around within your location. We are here for you!  

  • Get an Exceptional team to your home to do the lifting and moving without touching walls or scrapping floors

  • We bring along tools, equipment, and protective padding for both your property and belongings.

  • Our team is here to help you, so bring on the unusual requests and weird ideas. We don't judge.

  • Don't waste your time and your staff's focus to get things reorganized, get a professional team to get it done as efficiently and carefully as possible.


Furniture Assembly

Furniture Assembly

Getting New Furniture? If its boxed like majority of furniture or you had it disassembled, let us put it together and arrange it to your taste. Don't let the beauty of your new furniture get damaged by improper assembly. Schedule a specialist to come and assist you as low as $69. We can help assemble the following: 

  • Bed Sets, Chests, and Dressers

  • Shelves and Cabinets

  • TV Stands and Media Furniture

  • Dining Tables, Center Tables, and Chairs

  • Computer and Desks